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Designed to kickstart your progress with your physique and fitness goals, you’ll aim to achieve one or more of the following:

  • Drop 6% bodyfat

  • Drop 18 pounds

  • Increase muscle mass by 4%

  • Drop a clothes size

  • Increase your overall fitness by 10%

The course is designed for any ability, any age and anyone. You’ll be given access to the best tools and coaching team to guide you throughout, keep you accountable, and ensure you get first-class results.


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COMPONENT #1                                       TRAINING PROTOCOL

- Unlimited access to our class timetable; with no restrictions so you can change the times and days you train whenever you like.

- Progression based training; using our bespoke training app, we can measure your progression in both aerobic ability and strength development.

- Fully hybrid class structure; meaning you’ll hit every style of training within the programme.

- Access to our coaching team; to push you like never before.

COMPONENT #2                             NUTRITION PROTOCOL

We understand there is no ‘one size fits all’ to nutrition, so we give you multiple options to suit your lifestyle.

- Meal Planning: Access to our done-for-you meal plans, recipes and shopping lists.

- Calorie Guidance: You may have tracked calories before, but it never sticks? We take a different, more relaxed and sustainable approach to tracking; there’s no weighing out foods here.

- Meal Prep: Want to take the hassle out completely? We’ve partnered with Brussel Sprouts to give you exclusive member-only discounts on meal prep. You’ll have all your food cooked in line with your specific calories and delivered to your house or collected.

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COMPONENT #3                           

- The AF App: our bespoke app has all the tools you need to hit the ground running; coach communication, workouts, challenges, measurement tracking, habit forming, goal setting, meal plans and class booking.

- Check-ins: Once a week, a coach will complete a check-in with you, we’ll go through how you feel, what you’ve achieved, what you can improve on and set you up ready for the next week.

- We’re problem solvers: Struggling? Grab a coach either in class or directly through our app. Telling you to '“just get back on track” isn’t an effective coaching strategy, instead we will look at what’s causing your struggles. and implement effective strategies to conquer them.

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