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Our focus here at AF, is improving physical and mental well-being through an immersive, hybrid training program that offers quality coaching, limit-testing training, accountability, nutritional education, and above all, results.

We encourage anyone, regardless of ability, age, or background to join us.



Our immersive programme aims to develop all areas of your fitness. Our approach ensures your training is varied, challenging and delivers you with results.


AF is not just your average gym. We’re a top-of-the-range facility with programmes designed to transform your physique and fitness via proven  training methods.

Our team are committed to delivering you results that you can sustain. Between us, we have 25+ years of experience within the fitness industry. All with coaching experience, we aim to use our expertise to support you in all aspects of training.

Since beginning AF, we have helped hundreds of people transform their physique, fitness and mindset.

To begin, you’ll join our renowned 6-week transformation course, before receiving the option to join us as a full-time AF monthly member.

Want to find out more about how to get involved? Click below.

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