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Within our top-of-the-range facility,  you will be equipped with all that you need to build muscle, burn fat and engage in a more active lifestyle. By joining us, we will ensure that you have guaranteed access to the industry's finest functional, strength, cardio and boxing equipment.


Whilst training here, you’ll get full access to our hybrid and varied class schedule. You’ll also get full access to our fiirst-class coaching team; inside and outside of sessions to really ensure you get the very best results.

To help you accurately track your progress, you’ll be assigned a success coach who’ll keep a close eye on you Week by week, ensuring you stay on track with your nutrition, training and your physique.



At AF, we incorporate all forms of training, from high-intensity circuits to strength-based sessions and cardio. Initially you’ll join us on a 6 week course designed to lose fat, build muscle and improve your physical and mental robustness. Our varied programming is designed to challenge you and ensure you make progression. Within the programme, we can log your cardio ability and strength progression using our fitness assessments and our progression-based logging system built into our very own app.

The programme is designed so that it can be tailored to your ability and goals. Within our community we have regular gym-goers, complete newbies and everyone in-between.

It’s not just the training element we focus on either, we’ll ensure your have access to our proven nutrition aspect of the programme, from meal plans to prep, to educational tactics to ensure you can still enjoy foods and get in the best shape of your life.

The best programme in the world is nothing without accountability, you’ll be contacted throughout your course, with regular check-ins from our coaching team to assess your progress and help you along the way.

We don’t stop there either, we believe that those who work hard, should play hard. You’ll get the opportunity to participate in community events, competitions and family days, and even member social events with the odd beer or three.

Here at AF, we pride ourselves on being a friendly, inclusive and judgement-free space. As a diverse community, comprised of people from all backgrounds and walks of life, we are confident that you will receive the support and encouragement you need to excel on your fitness journey. No egos, only results.




"Everything starts within your own mind. Your thoughts, attitude and determination are all essential for success."


"What seems impossible today will one day become your warm-up."


"There's no success without sacrifice. Mindset is everything."

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"You can have excuses or results, not both."


"Nothing will work unless you do. It's you v you."


“Your biggest competition is the person you were yesterday. Focus on your goals and the tools at your disposal to achieve them.”

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