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Agile Burn is our signature class of perfect heart-pounding, sweat inducing, endorphin rushing mix of Intensity Training. Let's put the body's cardiovascular system to work. Sessions involve ski-ergs, rowers, air bikes and cardio-based exercises that are built to enhance your aerobic and anaerobic capacity.



To be LEAN you need to be STRONG! "BUILD" incorporates heavier loads to optimise power and performance through muscular development.

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Emphasis on the muscles around your glutes. Expect to work all of your gluteus muscles that make up your butt in this class. 



HYBRID CLASS - PowerFit class combines muscular, cardiovascular and abdominal exercises working both aerobically & anaerobically. PowerFit will allow you to improve your cardiovascular endurance, tone your entire body and burn a maximum of calories.


Weight and strength based training that is accessible for complete beginners and the most experienced members. The sessions are designed to improve technique, functional strength and build muscle in all the key areas. The sessions will vary between rep-based workouts, barbell partner workouts and maximum load-bearing workouts.



A renowned workout where you can log your score using our app to compete against others within the gym and around the world.

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Active Recovery is a yoga-based workout that focuses on helping you get stronger, fitter, and more agile. In this class, you’ll tone your body – glutes, legs, arms, tummy – regardless of your shape or size, through gentle movements and exercises. When you work your muscles with a focus on stretching and adding flexibility, you can bend more easily, move better, reach higher, and feel stronger. 

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